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You will need:

  • A small, clean jar. A container with a wide base and a small opening works best, as they discourage evaporation.
  • Reeds. A lot of health stores and candle shops carry reeds. They are also available for purchase online.
  • Mineral oil. Available in grocery and drug stores. Mineral oil is less viscous than vegetable oil and is better at carrying the scent up the reeds.
  • Vodka. Plain, unflavored, nondiluted vodka. The vodka helps thin out the oil so that it will move more easily up the reeds.
  • Essential oil(s). A few suggested oil combinations are lavender and lemon, orange and cinnamon, and basil and peppermint.

How to assemble your oil diffuser:

  1. Pour one-quarter cup mineral oil and two tablespoons vodka into a measuring cup and stir well to combine the liquids.
  2. Add in one and one-half tablespoons of essential oil (the ratio should be about one part essential oil to four parts mineral oil and vodka).
  3. Stir well and pour the oil mixture into your container. Insert as many reeds as will fit into the opening.
  4. Flip the reeds every few days to optimize the scent diffusion.

Other ways to use essential oils around the home

  • In rice: Fill a small decorative jar or dish with plain white rice and add in a few drops of oil. Place the jar in whatever room you wish to fill with the fragrance. I use peppermint or lemon for the bathroom and lavender for the bedroom.
  • Pillows: Apply a few drops of lavender, or another calming essential oil, onto a paper tissue. Place the tissue inside your pillow case to help calm your senses as you drift off.
  • Clothes freshener: Dab cotton balls with essential oils and place in the corners of your drawers and closets. This tip not only helps with keeping clothes smelling fresh, but it also helps ward off moths.

Tips and inspiration from,pics mine.

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